Diamant Green Italia S.r.l. begins the activity during 1995 and in few years becomes one of the most important facories manufacturing diamond tools in Italy.
The particular location, that is in the midlle of an area where is located the greatest part of the most important factories machining stone, allowed Diamant Green to have a good contact with the final user in order to have the possibility to solve any sort of problem in the best way and in the minimum time.
In the mean time Diamant Green got the complete knowledge to be able to satisfy every single Customer, who had specific problems, by personalized choice.

The very simple formula is :

Thanks to the modern and efficient productive plant in his factory, Diamant Green Italia can supply their Customers with the formula " Just in time " even for multi wire sawing machines or multiblade saws.
Diamant Green dedicates relevant resources in order to research and update the product by carrying out tests in the factory or in outside laboratories with qualified staff.
Diamant Green, always in the field of stone or ceramics, can also produce diamaond tools on demand.